Project Dark Arts

We are bringing you something truly dark and beautiful! Read info below!

Roügue Productions in collaboration with Shadoe Images have some very dark things awaiting you as we explore the darker side of the art world at the premiere of Project Dark Arts, Tampa. (must be 18 years or older to attend)

We’ve called on artists from all different kinds of mediums (photographers, film makers, digital artists, painters, fashion designers, prop makers, tattoo artists, body painters and sculpture artists) who are willing to delve into the farthest reaches of their minds, the secretive dark corners and the most ominous nooks of the human psyche to bring to you an exhibition and show that’s sure to be both eerily mischievous and yet beautiful.

(Still taking artists submissions! Email for more info)

The very nature of dark art appeals to everyone's human fascination, ranging from gothic beauty and the macabre to beautifully created dark fashion and body paint. So allow yourself to cross over the threshold, embrace the darkest elements of self-expression… prepare yourself to step out of the light and into the shadows of Project Dark Art, it will be everything you are afraid to be.

Expect to see live body painting by some of Florida's best body painters, live interactive artwork, photography, short films, dark fashion and a few other surprises we have in store!

We're going to have a few professional photographers on site taking photos so we encourage costumes, masks and theatrical makeup and dark inspired fashion!

Roügue Productions feels it's important for the artists to keep all of the sales from the art they have created, so instead of taking a commission, 100% of the artwork sales will go directly to the artist, a 10% fee will be added to the sale to help cover event costs.

Each attendee will have the chance to vote for your favorite piece of art and receive a chance to win a prize. Awards will be given to the artists who have “Best in Show" and "Best Short Film" which is awarded by YOU, the event attendees by your ballots.

DISCLAIMER: Project Dark Art is an UNCENSORED private art show and supports our first amendment right to free speech. You may encounter art that is graphic in nature, possibly including violent images, blood, and nudity and may be considered controversial to some so.... please do not purchase a ticket if this type of artistic expression easily offends you and by purchasing a ticket to attend the event, you agree that you are 18 years old or over the age of 18 and understand the very nature of the showing.

All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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