Canvas Sale

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

That is right. Shadoe Images is getting rid of all canvas art prints displayed at 2018's Project Dark Arts event, an exclusive art event held by Shadoe Images and Roügue Productions.

•"String Theory" Signed canvas art print: 20"x16" - $170(+tax)

•"Color Kink" Signed canvas art print: 20"x16" - $170(+tax) ("shadoe images" watermark not on actual canvas print)

•"Winter" Signed canvas art print: 10"x10" - $100(+tax)

•"My Macabre Connection" Original canvas painting: 16"x12" - $250(+tax)

Message Shadoe Images with the item description that you would like to purchase. Mention discount code "PDA2018" and receive 20% off, plus free S&H for purchases made inside the continental US (only includes the 4 art pieces listed above), expires Dec. 31, 2018

String Theory

Color Kink

My Macabre Connection


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