BODY PAINT PROMO for Project Dark Arts

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

This is a body paint event we had at Chillum Glass Gallery down in Ybor

In an effort to promote the upcoming dark art event at the Florida Museum of Photographic Art, Shadoe Leibelt, along with other amazing artists, including; Roügue Morgan, Kahlil Caesar, etc. painted some amazing models. Allowing people to come and check out the process before roaming the dark, busy streets of Ybor. Check out the nights photos below, along with a complete list of artist and models. Visit for info and tickets to the Sept. 15th event


  • Belinda Rolen

  • Angel Hermida

  • Tiffany French

  • Danielle Danube

  • Danitza Snow Zac

  • Geri Wilson

  • Madonna May

  • Traci K

  • Jake Goldfarb

  • Brii Cole

  • Stephanie Sanderson

  • Molly Ganong

  • Samantha Cobett


  • Shadoe Leibelt

  • Kahlil Caesar

  • Roügue Morgan

  • Silvia Morgan

  • Mary Finney

  • SK Estragos D Gante

  • Eric Ondinasaurus


  • Roügue Production

  • Mayhem Magazine

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